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Comments: Come back to Hot Shots!!!!  Please!!!!!
Comments: R.I.P. Eric "Big Daddy" Reinbott. You will be missed. The Wagon Wheel won't be the same without you. God Bless.  George B. Thanks for posting this George. Eric was a great guy and we will all miss him.
Comments: Do you ever perform in Central or So.Jersey?  You guys should play the Jersey Shore, the bands they have there now during the summer SUCK...
Comments: Can you dedicate a song to my girlfriend on Nov. 29th @ crossroads - The song "Thank You" from LZII to Doreen..I know its cheesy but she would  appreciate it...Thanks, Bruce
Comments: the friends of the Bayou say thank you
Comments: Bayou...bayou...bayou. ASAP November 15!
Comments: Black Dog Rocks Crossroads again.  thanks for battling your cold Rob. The rest of the band kicked A$$ as always
Comments: Another great show at Wagon Wheel last night!  Kashmir was awesome!
Comments: Fantastic show last night at the Wagon Wheel. Thanks for playing "Ten Years Gone" for me. Much appreciated.  George B.
Comments: just awesome at kerwins
Comments: Is there anywhere in North Jersey that has live Bands like you anymore? We haven't had much luck, but we're always searching...
Comments: COME BACK TO NORTHERN JERSEY OR NYC IN OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!! Robin Portnoy
Comments: Will you guys ever come to Boston MA area?
Comments: Hey its Robin and Orin from Upper Saddle River...people still talking about how you LITERALLY rocked the house last September! Any gigs in NYC or Northern Jersey coming up for 2013? Wanna get a party bus together to come see you guys...hope in October 2013!! Thanks guys! Most of our upcoming shows are in central and southern NJ.
Comments: Sweet!  See you guys in September at the Wagon Wheel
Comments: Still hoping you guys are coming back to the Wagon Wheel in Quakertown PA.  You guys were awesome when I saw you there this past winter! We will be at The Wagon Wheel September 21
Comments: I just saw you for the first time at Vanderbilt.  you were amazing!  I enjoyed it so much.  I have been to a few Zep covered bands in the past but without a great singer, I just couldn't be drawn in.  You just pulled me in to having such a great time.  thank you.
Comments: Johnny P show was awesome!
Comments: revel show was amazing, best zep tribute we have seen yet.
Comments: Check your July dates they are crossed up..July 19th is a Friday and the 20th is a Saturday..Which Night are you playing at Mulligans ? Fixed it, thanks. Mulligan's is Saturday, 7/20
Comments: Black Dog in AC @ REVEL/SOCIAL what time does the show/concert start? 8:00pm
Comments: When are you coming to PA??? You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: Stellar performance at headliner. Much love doggies!
Comments: Hi, will you be performing at B.B.Kings in NYC this August 2013? Diana Nothing scheduled yet Diana. We will be in NYC at Sullivan Hall on 6/29.
Comments: you guys are soooo awsome! Always a great time,thank you!
Comments: black dog good
Comments: Beachcomber was rockin on Sunday!!
Comments: What time do you hit the stage tonight at Kerwins? 10:00pm
Comments: Hey... first time seeing you guys last weekend! so awesome! please come back to NY soon! how can i buy a black dog tshirt?? :) Thanks! We sell shirts at the shows, but if you want to order one through the mail, email Jeff:
Comments: Stellar show at Hot Shots in Westville, NJ last Evening!!! you all have great talent and great attitudes. The add-lib jamming was fantastic! Can not wait until you "Bring it on Home" again in October!!
Comments: Great show...first time seeing you..amazing voice and talent...Jackie
Comments: zeppelin in china town, who'd have thought? great show at fontanas!
Comments: Great show at Mulligans tonight..
Comments: Great show last night at the Wagon Wheel! Hope you guys come back again this year!
Comments: AWESOME AWESOME show at the Wagon Wheel guys! Been WAY too long for me, won't let that happen again ;-) C ya's at Hot Shots in March!!! xo! Col
Comments: Awesome show at the Wagon Wheel Tavern last night. Come back soon. George B
Comments: Who'd have thought Mulligan's could rock like that?
Comments: see ya at t.r.on22 with 12/20 fans peach
Comments: Very tight show at Crossroads. You boys were on. Always appreciate you being there. Bobby Necktie
Comments: Come back to Tom n Jerry's! We miss you Thanks, we miss you too! Unfortunately, the agency that books the place has been unresponsive...
Comments: fantastic job at bardis
Comments: great job at bardis
Comments: Bardi"s...   AWESOME as always..  See you @ Garwood!
Comments: @Bardi's....... "SICK"
Comments: Last nites show at Bardis was the best show I've ever seen there!
Comments: the show at bardi's was amazing! what a rocking nite!!!
Comments: can't wait for tonight's show! I saw Zeppelin in 78', you guys do it right!! Mark
Comments: see you guys tonight peach
Comments: Seaside tavern amazing!
Comments: seaside tavern was rockin!!!!!
Comments: hwe had a great time at sideline saturday, can't wait to do it again!
Comments: miss you guys, been a long time since we rock & rolled! last saw you at the blue monkee in PA. merry chistmas , John Moyer
Comments: Stomp! (From the "other" Dan Toto)
Comments: Great show at Crossroads
Comments: Was lucky to see you guys at Hot Shots and totally enjoyed. Come back pleaseee. Am one from the Zepplin generation!!!!!!
Comments: Saw you guys at Hot Shots last night. The band was excellent and hope you come back to Westville again.
Comments: Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who's suffered the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.
Comments: Really? Saturday Oct 20th?
Comments: turkey on thursday, black dog on friday - mmmmmmmmmmm
Comments: Just saw the Zep movie Celebration Day. Right after Jimmy's solo on Whole LL there is a fan holding a Black Dog shirt in teh background. Saw it twice in that song. Good eye! Here it is
Comments: No Sidelines tomorrow night? The show at Sidelines is being rescheduled
Comments: Black Dog will be in the Maple Shade area on 11/10 at Hot Shots!
Comments: never seen a band pull off those songs anywhere! maple shade loves you!!!
Comments: Great show in maple shade especially considering the circumstances. Keep coming to south jersey!
Comments: see you in stamford blackdoggies! lets get our zep on!
Comments: Saw you guys @ The Richmond County Fair for the 2nd year in a row . . . You guys are awesome!!! Can't wait to see you @ a gig of your own with a full set list!! Never saw the real Zep live, but Blackdog made me feel like I have!!! ;) Willyou be in Staten Island soon?
Comments: You guys rocked at the Richmond County fair! Can't wait to see the band preform again! Come back to Staten Island!
Comments: Hello Blackdog! ...its the great Kate :) dropped my phone in a toliet recently (eww yea) so...please text or message next time you'll be in philly pweeze??? Mwaaa!!!! <3
Comments: comin back to crossroads? need me two full sets with some b-sides! Friday, 9/28
Comments: Gotta Whole Lotta Love for Black Dog.
Comments: was disappointed that the FREE show in Atlantic City actually had a 5 dollar cover so were we
Comments: Great Show today at the Golden Nugget! Now I have my Led Zep fix!!!
Comments: golden nugget sunday!!! yes yes yes!!! love us some great fans!!!
- singer rob
Comments: Black Dog...thanks for the show in the Valley. The Zeppelin truly landed!
Comments: Black Dog at the Putnam Valley Sunset Concert stage in Putnam Valley NY this Saturday! "Wanna whole lotta love..."
Comments: river rock on the 24th, blackdog, yummy!
Comments: Thanks for a spectacular show @ Seasides last night!!

Comments: the dog rocks!

Comments: slammin jammin at the stadium last nite boys!

Comments: What time is the show Fri 5/18? Thanks. 10:00

Comments: i have heard you will be at fake fest at the golden nugget deck in Atlantic city NJ in July. We have been lobying the casino for you to be back since you were last there a few years ago. We're there Sunday, July 15

Comments: happy birthday TITO

Comments: you guys were killing it at crossroads! amazing band!!!

Comments: Crossroads was Rockin!

Comments: Hi guys, are you going to be at BBKings (NYC) AUGUST 2012 ?

Comments: My friends and I are hearing great things and we can't to see you guys live. What's the admission price for your show at The Mansion, Friday April 27th?
Comments: answer to previous comment -
good. tell tom and jerry's to stop dragging their feet and get with it already!
Comments: Come back to Tom N Jerrys!!!! We miss you, i will have about fifty friends if you come
Comments: maybe an off-the-run venue, but you guys might want to check on booking The Sands in beth. P.A.   Cool place, good vibe and i think you guys would rock there. Seen some decent bands there- (rock bands, not lounge fags).e.d.  (wargos etc) 

 Comments: Don't know if you have already been asked this but have you or will you some time shortly be touring the UK (England)? Nothing on the books for the UK

Comments: tonite, feb. 17th, blackdog rocks the ROOT STOCK WINTERFEST FESTIVAL AT THE MANSION in brick nj. Whole mess of bands on the bill, Jupiter jones, Ripped and Danny Nova just to name a few. Also our very own jimmy page (dannyboy) will be filling in on guitar with BLack Reign (sabbath show) at the festival. So come on out and rock with us!
Comments: Once again you guys rocked the Bayou!!  Rob you  can play harmonica like no other. Love Ted!!! Nice solo by him and of course Dan is the man!!! Jeff rounds out the crew and we are lovin it!!! Take care of the voice and come back soon for some more "Soco and Lime" and a whole lotta love from the Bayou!!!!!

Comments: I can't believe I missed you guys at the Stadium and Dugout in PA!!! Pleeeze come bk to Phila!!

Comments: Amazing show in port jeff. lastnight!  My friends and I were very impressed with the entire show and bands performance!!  Thank you for an awesome night out!  we will see you all again...until next time..Rock On!  (kris and friends from long island)

Comments: Please come back to Pittsburgh you guys were awesome can't wait to see you again Rivers Casino booking is in the works

Comments: I love you! :)

Comments: Think Dan can show us a Whole Lotta Love and go crazy on the theramin at the 'Roads tonight?!! Yes!

Comments: Can you play the Rain Song at Crossroads this friday? Pretty Please? :)

Comments: any plans in the Philadelphia area in Feb, March, or April

Comments: the bayou in mt.vernon is advertising a black dog band this month. is it you guys??? Not us! WE will be at The Bayou on February 11th.

Comments: Hi guys!   time to update schedule for 2012!   where are you playing next pleaseee ?? Made the wife finally watch "song remains" and after, she asked "Do you think Rob stuffs his pants as well?" i really had no answer....but laughed like hell. Crossroads???

Comments: Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!! And Happy Holidays to those who have other traditions this time of year.

Comments: haven't seen you guys in a while and miss you so much!@!  There is no other Led Zepp Tribute band around that can compare to you guys!  Can't wait until you come back to the Bayou!!!

Comments: Come to Boston !!!! We need some Led ZEPPPPP !!!

Comments: The first set may have been tigher, but the second was more freakin fun! Really, i've seen 1000 bands and that was really one of the best ever. You guys knew from the first tune it was going to be a special night- rock-it.

Comments: What an AWESOME set at Crossroads. Black Dog is THE BEST!!!!!

Comments: Kickin show at Crossroads saturday night. I'll be patiently waiting for my song. "You shook me babe".

Comments: Loved the show at Crossroads Saturday night. Absolutely PHENOMENAL! What a way to pay homage to the most spectacular supergroup  of all time.

Comments: Great show last night at Crossroads. I look forward to your next show!

Comments: Hey guys, can't wait to see you at Crossroads this Saturday night.  Any chance you could play The Rain Song? I would love it!

I saw you for the first time at the Canal Room this past Friday. BOY, did I have an AWESOME time! No question, the absolute best LZ tribute band I've ever heard.

Comments: rockin show at the canal room last night!!!!!

Comments: Let me know if you need someone to work the door for you at the Xroads in Nov! Graziella

Comments: Great band  hi rob  Larry here my wife n I meet u walking ur dog . I the artist wondering if got the tattoo we talked about .Facebook Lawrence p Meng hope c u guys soon

Comments: Amazing set at bikers for babies...truly the best Zeppelin tribute around.

Comments: Great show at the "7 year itch" party!

Comments: Great jams at Mexicali dogs

Comments: What happened to the Caffreys show in Forked River? Rescheduled to 1/28.

Comments: Jonesing for my Zeppelin fix and want to introduce my new chickita to the ways of the Dog (no double entendre' intended). Is there an upcoming show planned for The Crossroads? Won't be at Crossroads until 11/26. We'll be at Mexicali Live in Teaneck on 9/23 if that's not too far for you...

Comments: Black Dog is AWESOME. Thanks for the "Never Forget." I lost a few people that day. Lots of love to you all.

Comments: I've seen your concert at the bb king club on 20th September, It was incredible! Your sound was very nice, and the band playeed with a lot of professionalism, I would like to se you in my country: Argentina!!!

Comments: 12 ladies from Canada had the time of their lives at BBKings 2 Saturdays ago. Thanks so much for playing Stairway. It was the highlight of our trip to NYC. You guys are a truly amazing talent!

Comments: Awesome show at B.B. Kings on Saturday guys!  I really felt the true essence of Led Zeppelin!  Rock on!

Comments: You wheree amazing at BB kingss in NYC this past saturday!!! I had a great time.. I took really good pictures of you guys. Emy! Thanks Emy! email your pics to if you want them posted on the site.

Comments: Hey guys it's Roxanne. I am going to try and make it to ur next gig k.

Comments: You guys were incredible at BB King's in NYC!  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication; I could swear I was hearing Zeppelin live. This was the first time I've heard you and I was blown away. Can't wait to see you again!! (BTW, thanks for your kind words about Mike D.)

Comments: my lady and I really enjoyed your show in West Paterson last Sat. U guys r great and we will see you again...sucked there was nobody there but u rocked anyway..enjoyed talking to you after the show, THANK YOU!!! Steve & Mare :)

Comments: What about Crossroads?  I will even work the door!!! Graziella

Comments: you guyz are amazing and am going to see you this saturday. By the way.. do you guys do anything from the Page Plant Walking To Clarksdale Album? Only Zeppelin

Comments: come to Asheville, NC! I promise you guys won't regret it!

Comments: Seaside tavern 7.23.11 was GREAT! thanks guys.......

Comments: seaside tavern show rocked!!!!

Comments: come back to pittsburgh plaes you guy were great

Comments: Take the link off- doesn't work!

Comments: I'm sure many people have sent this along to you, but on the off chance that they did not, here is a good article that gives a second-by-second analysis of Led Zeppelin's In The Evening:

(Cant wait til you perform in NYC again)

Comments: Black Dog ROCKED Staten Island on Saturday. Thanks so much for doing what you can to help homeless animals on Staten Island.

Comments: Happy father's day BlackDog dad's!

Comments: Thanks for helping break in the new house. Awesome show -- you guys are great. Keith

Comments: you guys were great hope you come back to pittsburgh soon really enjoyed the show last night

Comments: seen you guys at rivers casino in pittsburgh last night  awesome

Comments: Yo dogs, post the set list! this one was really really really amazing OK

Comments: GREAT, GREAT show at Corssroads. What an incredible set list!!!!

Comments: Major bummer about Zepfest being cancelled!!!

Comments: Anyone know what time Saturday May 21st at Crossroads? 10:00

Comments: Pennsylvania needs a show!!!!!!!!!

Comments: look forward c u at zepfest, may have stop crossroads week before

Comments: zepfest is going to be incredible, I heard about some secret surprise guests.... hmmm who could it be?

Comments: could you post the set list from crossroads 3/25/11 it was one of the best! you guys put on an amazing performance. Thank you We called a lot of audibles that night but I think this is it

Comments: Danny you were amazing on Saturday always a treat to watch you play

Comments: ZepHeather misses you!!!!

Comments: Missed Crossroads this Friday! :-(  Is there anyway you could do a Saturday next time? Graziella Next Crossroads show is Saturday, May 21. 

Comments: What a show at Mexicali Blues!  2 1/2 hours!  Awesome set list and the best ever show you guys put on.  You blew us away.   Cant wait to do it again!

Comments: rob loves randi and her hubby back!!
thanks you guys!

Comments: What a see you guys twice this weekend. You all just keep getting better. You rock!!!! Love u all, Randi

Comments: Awesome show last night at mexicali. Much love and peace

Comments: Just saw you guys at Mexacali Blues in Teaneck NJ. AMAZING! LOVED IT ALL! COME BACK!

Comments: You guys rocked Mexi Cali. I can't believe the amount of songs you performed. Awesome performance. Good Luck

Comments: Can't wait for you to play in PA again!!! This withdrawal is brutal!

Comments: Crossroads tables are going to sell out quick guys. Make reservations early.

Comments: Can't wait for Crossroads!Do The Lemon Song and Black Country Women PLEASE!

Comments: Crossroad's March 25 is going to be stairway to heavenly! cant wait

Comments: saw you guys at Big boulder at i was blown away. looking forward to crossroads show.

Comments: Awesome show at Jimmy D's except for that whistling fatty lol!!

Comments: cant wait to hear you guys play again at big boulder this weekend.

Comments: Blackdog ROCKS!

Comments:  Do You know when you will play the colorado cafe again? We're still waiting for confirmation...

Comments: blue monkey show was awesome! hope you come again!

Comments: Thank you for the B'Day wishes-still got more to pound out with you guys!!!

Comments: Happy Birthday Frank!

Comments: Just got back got back to the U.K. from NYC where we saw Black Dog at BB King's, they were FANTASTIC.

Comments: took my son rocco to see black dog at bb king's 1/21/11 what a great show and thanks to the band for taking a picture with him after the show

Comments: Black Dog was mentioned on z100 this morning - they were at bb's - gave a thumbs up!


Comments: Awesome show!  Always good to see.
-Dan -barkeep

Comments: Great show at BBs last night boys!

Comments: Yeah I saw that too.. and laughed. Starts at 8PM!

Comments: Just wondering what time the BB kings show starts...Kings website says "show at 6 and doors open at 8" im assuming its the other way around but wanted to check Doors open at 6:00, show starts at 8:00pm sharp!

Comments: What time does the Crossroads show on 1/22/10 begin? 10:00pm

Comments: Hey Jeff I would love for you to linc my u tube to the site! thanks June  junski517 on u tube. Your link is on our featured video page - Thanks!

Comments: Will You play at the Colorado Cafe again? Sorry I missed that one.. Yes. We'll post it when confirmed.

Comments: come back to quakertown,pa, we miss ya

Comments: Guys gotta come to the Jersey Shore SOON!!!! :)

Comments: Happy 2011! Looking forward to a whole new year of watchin' the Dog.

Comments: merry christmas and a happy new year to all the dog's

Comments: I saw you guys at Matawan, i was just wondering what type of orange amp the guitarist had. Great tone, and the rest of the band was great too. It's a rare OD 120, no longer available... Thanks!

Comments: Saw 'Get the Led Out' last night in Philadelphia. Just not the same as my Rob Malave

Comments: hjad a great time at the colorado cafe last nite. cool place!

Comments: FYI: I think there might still be construction on the road that the Colorado Cafe is on but you can go through the detours to get the place.

Comments: hi

Comments: could you post that crossroads set list? You were all amazing click this

Comments: The bow on Dazed and the antenna on Whole Lotta love at Crossroads - Awesome!

Comments: Crossroads was a-rockin' saturday nite! Awsome!

Comments: Great show last night at Crossroad's

Comments: When are you comming back to the Poconos? 2/19 at Big Boulder

Comments: No Mercury Lounge this winter?

Comments: I caught your show this Saturday at the Riverside Bar in PA and you guys were all awesome!  I couldn't believe how much you really sounded like the best band of all time.  I will definetly be watching for your upcoming shows.  Thanks for a great night out!

Comments: What's Zep Fest? Click this : ZEPFEST 2011

Comments: tweet

Congrats 2 Black Dog for making Zep Fest 2011, now u go show them how its done!!!!!!

Comments: When are you guys going to play Tarrytown Music Hall again. We miss you. Stop at Horse Feathers Resturant.

Comments: You guys wee awesome tonight at Mexicali Live!!! Cannot wait to see you again!!!!

Comments: Do I need an advance ticket for the 12/17 Matawan HS show or can I pay at the door? Advance ticket purchase is recommended: $10 presale / $12 dos.

Comments: I took my 12 year old daughter to your last show at Crossroads. Rob, you were gracious enough to take a picture with her and introduce yourself. Personalized the whole experience for her which was very cool. Been trying to get her into the Zeppelin thing instead of Lady Gaga and all the other crap that's out there. Think it worked. She's the one who reminded me that your next show there is on 11/20. Guess you have another convert.

Comments: Do you have gigs booked past 11/20? Yes, December dates will be posted soon.

Comments: Hey guys I just saw the NJPAC it doesn't say what date and their website doesn't say anything either.  When is it, sounds cool???

Comments: When are you going to publicize that you're playing at Matawan Regional High School?

Comments: you guys have any plans on playing at zepfest 2011 in DC it would be great to see black dog take the stage.

Comments: the drummer is hoooooooot! hes to sexy for his pants!...

Comments: You guys have any plans to play Manhattan again any time soon? I saw you at BB King's a year or two ago and you blew my mind. Also, is the guitarist really making all of those sounds with his hands on whole lotta love?? Check the site or join the mailing list for the next NYC show. ~ That's all Dan's hands...

Comments: how about playing how many more time's at bootleg manning's? love that tune{well they  call me the hunter, that's my name...}see you fella's in Staten Island.

Comments: What about the drummer damnit?!!!

Comments: rob's too sexy for his shirt... too sexy

Comments: yes, i agree the singer is very sexy but the bass player? bring it on!!

Comments: Hey... was just checking out all the new pix and videos on your facebook page... Haven't seen Black Dog since Richmond County, and I am counting the days 'til you play Bootleg Mannings.

Comments: OK got to say it Rob You are sexy as hell ok I said it lol

Comments: can't wait for Crossroads this Sat. bringing some newbees I know they will be blown away!!

Comments: Would love more MP3

Comments: Saw you guys at the Richmond County Fair on Saturday. Black Dog was the best band there! Hope you come back to Staten Island. We'll be at Bootleg Manning's on 10/9

Comments: rob, you jeff, danny and frank are awesome! thank you for playin The Crunge...

Comments: Awesome show today at the Richmond County Fair in Staten Island. Blew me away! You have a new fan!

Comments: it's my birthday on saturday...can you play "the crunge" PLEASE :)

Comments: Was at the BB King show last night You guys kicked a$$!!!! I can't wait to see you again. Best Led Zep tribute band. You're seriously amazing!

Comments: Grats on the BB King's show!!! Was simply sensational. One of the best shows I've seen. Crowd called for what was it two.. three encores??? Clearly you guys are the BEST Led Zeppelin tribute band of our time.

Comments: Coming from Paris for a week, we were at the B.B.King Blues club tonight and had a great time thanks to the Black Dog !!!

Comments: Great show at BBs boys, psyched for the Merc Lounge thiis Saturday!

Comments: is the keyboard player going to be there this time? Yes!

Comments: BB's is coming!

Comments: Sunday, Root Stock, Jackson New Jersey, Cant wait!

Comments: YOU Guys ROCK!!!!1

Comments: Castle Tavern preformance time 7 or 8PM. Word from the Castle is an 8PM start. Their website says 7:00, but if they're telling you 8:00 then that's when we'll hit.

Comments: Castle Tavern on Greenwood Lake is a great spot for a summer concert. Get there early relax and enjoy the lake views, have cold beverage,something to eat and enjoy the show. Black Dog will rock the lake! Ramble On!

Comments: i love you guys... you're all awesome

Comments: You guys ever going to play in Atlantic city area?

Comments: Please come back to Mexicalli. Missed 2nd set and kicking myself ever since!!

Comments: Happy 4th of July!!


Comments: can you imagine our lives if zep never existed, Black dog might be a Neil Diamond tribute! :) you guys were amazing at crossroads, made my friday thats for sure!

Comments: Hey... doing anything special tonight to commemorate Michael Jackson's passing a year ago today? We will play Led Zeppelin songs

Comments: Shows list says Crossroads 6/25 Fri.  Is that still on?  Crossroads site seems down Yes - Crossroads is on for Friday 6/25

Comments: Another Great Black Dog show at the Bayou, You guys never disappoint.
¬"When the Levee breaks¬" sounded excellent.

Comments: danny you rock.

Comments: GREAT show lastnight =)

Comments: Mercury lounge next week! cant wait!

Comments: RIP Ronnie James Dio

Comments: We're gonna groove and The girl got long,black, wavy hair were off the hook at Mexicali !

Comments: great show at mexicali boys!

Comments: first time seeing you and it was Awsome, you guys soung awsome.

Comments: I was trying to add your RSS feed to my reader, but it didn't work. =/ Any ideas on other ways to subscribe to your site? -Bruno Not sure, but you can join our Mailing List.

Comments: First time seeing you guys.  Awsome!!!  My son showed me a video clip & I was hooked!  I so much enjoyed watching you play!!!!  You nailed all the songs!!  Can't see the real deal but you are second best!!!  Looking forward to seeing you again. Karen T.

Comments: with all the zep bands out there , I am always entertained by your freejams, we all know you kick ass on zep, but you really take flight when we start to hear YOU guys! you should really write some original stuff in the zep vain, christ if zep wont why shouldnt you? keep rocking your asses off!

Comments: You guys are very talented...Your show at crossroads was amazing...Achillies Last Stand was intense...Do you guys ever play When the levee breaks??? If not, all your others songs are done very well...Thanks again...Walter M.


Tried scribbling the set list on a napkin during the awesome show last night at Crossroads...

First Set
Going to California
Black Country Woman
Immigrant Song
Heartbreaker --> Living Loving Maid
The Song Remains the Same
Over the Hills and Far Away (awesome)
Lemon Song
Bring it on Home
Black Dog

Hit the bar for halftime

Second Set
Rock and Roll
Celebration Day
Good Times Bad Times
What Is and What Should Never Be
Out On the Tiles
Hot Dog
Achilles Last Stand
Since I've Been Loving You
Hey Hey What Can I Do
Dazed and Confused
Whole Lotta Love

Comments: Saw you posted your shows for May. Did I see previously that you were playing Mexicali Blues on May 7th? Is that still on? Yes indeed - thanks!

Comments: This is Mike down in MD. My wife Becki and I had been long time supportes/fans of you guys up unitl we moved down here several years ago. My wife even dance on your stage at the Cross Roads once. We will be up in NJ the weekend of April 24th. Any way to get a command performance. It would be great. Yes! Command performance at Crossroads on 4/24.

Comments: Last Friday's show at Bello's was INSANELY good. Wish you were playing again this weekend...ANYWHERE.I need another Black Dog fix!

Comments: Another Great Show this afternoon in Fair Lawn NJ, to benefit Haiti. You guys are the best tribute band in the US and playing the greatest rock music that is the icing on the cake. "Since I've been loving you" was the best.

Comments: Can't wait to see Black Dog again this Friday... you guys ROCK!!!

Comments: hey dano and the crew everytime we go to bbs we never get tired of u guys keep rocking!!!!!!!!!

Comments: Saw you tonight at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington New York, your band is great!!!

Comments: Hey guys, saw you a few weeks back at BB kings, what a show, I was blown away by all of your talents. Is there anyway I can get the setlist for that night, it was so on for me I wanted to create a playlist on my ipod. See you guys again soon. {Click here for the set list}

Comments: Jeff-  is that really you??!!!

Comments: Crossroads this Saturday! Bring it on Home. Turn it up!

Comments: What a Bad A$$ version of "In The Light"! First time I have seen it performed.  Hoping to make the Crossroads show Saturday....and hoping for the repeat of this song!  BLACK DOG IS THE BEST!

Comments: Saw you guys friday nigh in ny for the first time.. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! i couldn't get over how great you guys sound all together, thank you for the wonderful show

Comments: saw you guys at bb kings and all i can say is AWESOME !

Comments: Rob Not only do you do a great Plant,but you also do a awsome Sonny boy.Bring it on home.Yours Truely Bklyn Outlaw 13

Comments: the show at bbkings was amazing...hope to see you guys there again

Comments: I just saw you guys at BBKings and will be checking your site to see when the next NYC show is, but whenever that is, I hope you play "In the light" again and maybe do the demo version where JPJ plays that witchy keyboard intro 
either way, you guys had an amazing set list....good job

Comments: Another 20 years down the line and I won't be surprised to see a 'BlackDog Tribute' Band...You guys are great!!

Comments: You are the greatest!

Comments: can't wait for you to schedule more shows!!!

Comments: We missed your gig at Palmer Vineyards on Long Island last summer. When will you be coming to the East End again? I saw Led Zep back in 1975. Can't wait to see you guys for the 1st time. Arlene

Comments: Yo you guys rock and blow any other type of music out butt!!! I was another one of the kids on the side at big boulder!! You called us all black puppies!!!! well just wanted to say you rock and keep on playing!!

Comments: You guys rock so much like brainbuster I am one of the kid that u pointed to on the side of the stage at big bolder rock on

Comments: Philly misses you. And I don't mean NEAR Philly. I mean Phila-f*ing-delphia, PA. F*ing Sweeney's f*d it up for everyone in the Northeast!!! -ZH

Comments: I rented and watched (three times)and then just had to buy "It Might Get Loud". A treasure for any Zep fan. Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White sitting around reminiscing about "the guitar". Awesome to see and hear archive pre-Zep photos and film footage of King James. Also to see him speak and play at Headley Grange and, what may be his estate in London. Run, don't walk to BlockBuster, NetFlix, or better yet, Amazon and order it. It's a MUST HAVE for any Zep, music, guitar fan. It's a true treasure.

Comments: Does anyone remember laughter??!

Comments: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the DOG, Wishing you and your families the very best. Ray G Thanks Ray, same to you and yours!

Comments: My mom brought me to see you guys at the Blue Knights. I grew up on Zeppelin, but it was too late for me to ever see them live. You guys were so amazing and on-point that I no longer feel like I've missed out on the live Zeppelin experience.  Thank you!

Comments: Hey Mr. Rob Malave from Black Dog: The World's Premiere Led Zeppelin Tribute Band, when's the next show at the Crossroads? ~Antonio Feb. 6


Comments: No more dates in December? Come on! I'm home from Cali to see my family but I'd rather see you guys! Krossroads Kings! Wow!

Comments: Hey Hey What can you do! I saw Black dog and loved them too!

Comments: would you guys ever play in Delaware? Sure.

Comments: seen you many times, first time I ever heard you do kashmir. It was dead on. I thought you guys were lip syncing to the record during that song, so close to the original, again dead on.

Comments: Dan the Man! Great to see you play again, you have always been a great musician and showman. Ron and the crew , we talked outside the club in new york. Cant wait for the next show, black dog rocks!

Comments: Good show at the Mercury Lounge.Saw you guys at BB's with keyboard player.This time no keys? Paul was playing keys...

Comments: Mercury was a mind blowing performance. you guys never disapoint us.

Comments: Black Dog is amazing you must see them. The singer sounds like robertpolant.

Comments: Mr.Malave when do we have the test on vocb? When you can spell vocab. correctly.

Comments: Saw you gus at Mercury Lounge and you guys ROCKED THE SHOW man... Your performance of Immigrant song was nothing short of spectacular...


Comments: I went to crossroads to meet a friend I hadn't seen in years. Got to see your great show AND met the most beautiful girl. You guys rock! G.R.

Comments: mercury lounge is great place to see black dog you should go

Comments: You guys are incredible! I came down to see some old friends from Cranford and was just blown away.  Can't wait for the next show, Im going to drag everyone I know! I dont know if you take requests but maybe , for the next show, could you guys play tHANKYOU, its my favorite led song. Once again terrific show.

Comments: My friend's and I were out of town for the 11/21 Crossroads show. We were all bummed. Trying to motivate them to go to the Mercury Lounge show this Saturday. Anyone know what this place is like? Can you just walk up night of show or do you need to call ahead for a reservation? You can buy tickets in advance from ticketmaster or pay at the door as long as it's not sold out, (get there early).

Comments: What more can be said about another great great show @ The Bayou. It is the best place to see the band. Its like the BBC sessions. Any fan that has not been to a Bayou show owes it to themselves to see the band there. Its right in you face Zeppelin that takes a few days to wear off. I am still "buzzin" and its already Monday.
The four best musicians I have ever encountered.


Comments: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!!!!!!!!! (belated)

Comments: Dan - this Mike, a former student.  I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at the Crossroads on 11-21.  I've been playing in a couple bands.  See ya.

Comments: please play in the Philadelphia or Reading would be excellent to hear the band again

Comments: Hi, my Kids and I saw you at the IRF fundraiser, what a show my kids never heard Led Zeppelin live they were amazed. You are great Moby Dick was unbelievable.

Comments: Yo Dogz! If I cant feel it ,  I cant hear it . Definately feelin yaz. Keep it going strong .

Comments: My friends and I really enjoyed your gig at the IRF fundraiser last night.  You guys rocked... look forward to seeing many more Black Dog shows!

Comments: Hey, What about Penn's Peak in Jim Thorp PA?

Comments: With too many bands to choose from to play in our IRF Charity concert I am so glad we chose you. You were generous with your time, and your music. The show was amazing the best Led Zeppelin music I have heard You have a fan and a suporter of your band forever. My deepest gratitude to Jeff, Danny, Frank, Rob, and Paul you guys are the best. I cant wait to catch your next show and also hire you again. Charles

Comments: Thank you to everyone who came out to the IRF benefit concert for the homeless. You made a difference!

Comments: Hey everybody c'mon out to the benefit on Sat. Nov. 7th in Hackensack. The simple act of coming out and having a rockin time with us can make all the difference in someone else's life.  Thanks guys, Danny (BD guitarist)

Comments: you should do carouselambra traveling riverside blues , I have never heard any  ledzep tributes play iether of them.

Comments: showcase live.Patriots Place.Foxborough,ma. Great venue

Comments: if it was up to me , I would pay you guys millions to play new music in the vain of sabbath and the mighty zeppelin, no one does it better-you guys just all give off that 1970s vibe when u play.

Comments: looking forward to the show in Hackensack on Sat. You guys rock!

Comments: black dog is just f'n awesome, period.

Comments: Come on and put Sabbra Cadabra back together again.(Jeff)and (Danny) make it happen.We miss you Guys over at Sweeny's..Your Fans.,,..Rick and Special ED We're on it! Go to

Comments: I came upon your calling card at a car wash in Toms River & checked out the videos. You guys rock!   Linda


Comments: Goin back to Crossroads with an aching my heart.  Nice reference.  Sick show. Unreal rendition of "How many more times"  Every new person I bring is blown away.  hands down kick ass

Comments: Caught you guys at xxroads Saturday. Late start was all good. More time for the crowd to get lubed up. Great show as always. I'm in the dark on the reference you made to some other band dissing that you have more than 4 members. Please let us know who's talking trash so we can boycott. Lizzie is easy on the eyes and easy on the ears. Don't want some other bands insecurities to weird her out about hopping in when you need her.

Comments: You guy's are the best,thanx 4 the shout out.brooklyn in da house

Comments: you need to come back out to boston when college is in session! i need to get my blackdog fix !!!


Comments: When are you guys coming back to the Wagon wheel? Q-town needs it

Comments: When are you coming back to  The BAYOU ? Nov. 20th - We're at Mexicali Blues on Sept. 26: it's just across the GWB in NJ, about 20 minutes from Mt Vernon...

Comments: Hey , I was in New York last week and a friend showed me some video's of your band. Great job, I always though that ledzepagain were the only zep show worth seeing but I guess the east coast got a good one too!

Comments: Showcase live show was incredible. Fool in the rain was my favorite, percussion was dead on and your Jimmy Page nailed that solo which by the way is one of his most difficult passages.I have seen many so called zep shows but you guys take the cake! I have only 1 thing I was disappointed about, that the show had to end! Once again, great job. I will wear my t'shirt proudly.

Comments: My friends and i saw your performance on Sat. , I think they posted on here also, anyway, just wanted to say job well done gents!

Comments: Phoenixville, waiting If you know of a suitable venue in the area, email it to

Comments: Just saw you guys in Foxborough at Showcase Live, outstanding show, you guys killed it!! Where are you based out of?? NJ

Comments: your show at Showcase Live was F***ing sick you guys, well done. i am one of the biggest zeppelin fans in the world, all my friends call me mr zeppelin, i got there symbols as a tatto last week, i have every album and every song on my i pod, i was really impressed with fool in the rain, that song is the epitome of drums, the half time shuffle is wicked hard to play, great job. I do on the other hand have one question for you, Where were the symbols around the stage? the only one was Bonhams on the drums. Anyway, it was a great Show and i hope to see you again if your in the area, you to me sounded like zeppelin live cause im only 18 and i wasnt around 30 years ago. Thank you.

Comments: rob dano and the rest o f the band thanx i never get sick of black dog black dog rules!!!!!

Comments: Hey Guys, Great show last night at B.B.Kings!!!  The Rutherford teens loved it!!!  When are you going to play  Bergen/Passaic/Essex County?  Inquiring minds have been asking? Check the Shows page for updates

Comments: amazing show last night... as usual!you guys rock

You guys rock,thanx for a great show...
Comments: Any shows in MA after Showcase Live date? Not yet...

Comments: what time is friday's show at BB Kings?  on the site it says 7:30, but i bought tix months ago and it says 8pm, so im not sure if the start time was changed or if it's still at 8pm. (???) We're contracted to start at 8:00

Comments: Jonesing for a Black Dog show. Been a while since your last Crossroads gig. Any clue when you'll be around again? September 19th

Comments: Please, please come back to Phoenixville, PA!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!

Comments: We love you guys but why does your keyboard player stay on the stage when he is not playing? Still wouldn't miss a show. ROCK on!!

Comments: Wishing Jeff and his family our deepest condolences on the loss of his Grandmother. From all of us in NYC
Brian,Leigh,Jonathan,Randi & Harvey Thanks

Comments: Please, please come back to Phoenixville, PA!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!

Comments: Are you guys ever gonna be in Alabama or Tennessee.  I would drive several hours to see you.  I live in Alabama

Comments: thank you

Comments: Saw you at Big Boulder for the first time. very impressed. You guys nailed it. Loved the keyboards also. Hope you play the Big Boulder show next year. We will be bringing a big crowd to tailgate and Rock out with Black Dog.

Comments: Incredible show at Big Boulder guys!

Comments: I was in from St. Louis visiting an old friend last weekend and we stumbled across your band at the Mercury. 30 years ago we used sit in his basement with a bong and listen to old Zeppelin, so we decided to give your show a try, not expecting much. We were both really impressed. Especially notable was the tone of your lead singer--eerily similar to Robert Plant in his earliest years. I got a few good pics-- despite the lack of light--that I'll forward to you.

Comments: saw u guys at merc. lounge on sat. awsome as usual.

Comments: need my bd fix! BAD!

Comments: When is the Crossroads show?  Time to update the "SHOWS"!! Graziella At Crossroads September 19th.

Comments: So glad to see you will be back at the Mercury. We will definitely be there! V and V.

Comments: hey black dog you are one great band! love the keyboard addition, now you guys could play my favorite song in the world, DARLENE. Please play if for me. Amykins (Blackdog fan for life)

Comments: you guys kicked some righteous ass  at the merc. please dont let us Newyawkers wait too long for your return. A new Blackdog groupie!!! Back at the Merc. July 11 ~ 8:00 show!

Comments: Thanks for the "rockin good time" at the Bayou last night! Enjoyed the SOCO shots to end the night! Can't wait until your return!

Comments: Oh do you come from the land of Ice and Snow, from the midnight sun, Where the hot springs blow?

Comments: We were 4 Zeppelin fans travelling from Norway who saw you at the Mercury - and I must say that we LOVED your show, it was great!!!!

Comments: The Mercury Lounge show was en fuego!!! Does anyone have a song list? Here's the set list.

Comments: You guys were DAMN AMAZING @ the Mercury Lounge. 2hrs and 45 min was not enough of u guys. Went too fast. Cant wait for the next show!!!

Comments: loved loved LOVED you at Mercury Lounge!  I can wait til BB's in August but damn it all to hell I need you sooner!  - Wendy aka 9 Ball Girl

Comments: HOLYHOT{OTATOES! you guys played for 2 hours and 45 min. I timed it. Unbelievable show in NYC. Counting the moments til you come back !!!

Comments: Mercury Lounge was the greatest ever.  One of the best bands ever.  I hope you play again in NYC sooner than your annual August BB Kings show (which i'll be at, of course).

Comments: mercury lounge. you guys did it again! awsome

Comments: yea the mercury lounge show was pretty amazing, come around more often!

Comments: Unreal at Mercury Lounge.  Please keep playing often in NYC.  You will keep getting bigger and bigger as that was better than any concert I've ever seen (technically tied with last year's Roger Waters concert).  Your hard work is beyond appreciated.

Comments: Just when I think I saw your best show, I go to a new one and you do even better.  Mercury Lounge was f'n unreal.  Each song was better than the last.  Whole Lotta Love was the greatest gift to mankind.


Comments: Saw you at Mercury Lounge last night--you were great!  Next best thing to seeing the originals!

Comments: We heart you too !!!

Comments: I heart Black Dog

Comments: Memorial weekend is just around the corner. What are your plans for the South Jersey shore? Do you have any dates line up? Mercury Lounge, NYC Memorial weekend; summer dates to be announced...

Comments: Comming out to the mercury lounge in NY , cant wait, is the keyboard guy (sorry I dont know your name/but your great), giong to be there? Paul will be there with the keys.

Comments: Looking forward to next gig at the Crossroads. Is the other band going to play again (Sabbra)?

Comments: Hi Guys, It's Lizzies work Jeff, What's the date for the BB music fest? I'm planning to bring some next generation Black Dog fans and want to keep that date RESERVED! Tibute Festival at Big Boulder is July 18th.

Comments: Come back to Philly! At least Delaware County! Miss seeing you guys around!

Comments: Black Dog,Yes you guys kick ass,last time we saw you guys play was at Tom & Jerrys.You have not been back there since.Also by all means GTLO put on a hell of a show.Wanted to respond to Mike's posting below. Black Dog has not played at Sweeneys in over 3 years.I'm also in Seeneys every Friday night. The table by the DJ booth is where we sit.
Ace & LeAnn

Comments: Damn, we all miss you guys something fierce in Philly, it's sad, no more Sweeneys. Playin Tom & Jerrys anytime soon. Heard Get The Led out on WYSP in Philly (Danny Bonaducci Show) the other day doin Babe On Gonna Leave You--gotta be honest,dont want to dis GTLO, they're definitely respectable, but The Dog plays and definitely sings it better, and I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true, cause' I'm no ass kisser. Black Dog should have the moniker "The American Led Zepplin" Mike (Former dedicated Sweeneys alumni)

Comments: Sorry we missed you guys down the shore, hope to catch a show real soon. have a good one you black dog people.

Comments: Kudos to the staff at The Shack for the excellent handling of crowd control!

Comments: Black Dog, been there, done that, can't wait to do it again!

Comments: The piano songs is nice but I like the unplugged black dog best.

Comments: The Crossroads show was exceptional. Sounding better than ever with the new Keyboard player Paul. Between the music, vocals and the in-between-song- banter by Rob - The show couldn't be more complete IMO.
Keep doing what your doing guys!

Comments: Seein' THE DOG does it for me every time...

Comments: Great Show at Crossroads, guys!! Time to update your Crossroads video with something involving your new drummer.  See you in Red Bank!!  Graziella

Comments: Are you guys playing at the Surf Club this summer (Ortley Beach, NJ)? Not sure yet...

Comments: Saturday at Crossroads was great as always. Nice surprise hearing Stairway. Always thought that was hallowed ground where most dare not tread, so we were pumped. Who ever was on the mixing board took a while to get Rob turned up enough in the mix....Any outdoor spring/summer dates in the offing?

Comments: The Crossroads show rocked - and it was packed to the end.  Any chance of posting a link to the set list again? Sure.

Comments: Black Dog I tried a 2nd time at Cross Roads.Just not getting into it.Something is missing with that Band.Timmy Your band plug was deleted "Timmy". Very commendable for you to try a 2nd time after hating the first. 

Comments: Another amazing show at Crossroads.  The music roars and the crowd responds, even inspiring some sideshows in the crowd.  Glad to see Dan use his antenna.

Comments: Hey guys its Danny, black dog you played amazingly, its always a pleasure to jam with you.Thank you, thank you, thank you zepplinites! Crossroads was a blast. Thanks to all of the CHS alumni that came out it was great seeing all of you! Paul great job! The keys were absolutely beautiful.

Comments: love love my boys and lizzie an sue and laura 2.what a great new addition to the band with paul your new keyboard player . u guys were smoking hot at crossrods!!!! paul ,whats your nshoe size?  lol  love  ine binge

Comments: Any word on a Philly date yet??

Comments: yeah, we'll all stop obsessing over a band that has been gone when ******** find something better to do other than read and comment on message boards that they hate anyway. f'n loser.

Comments: Is there a chance that you people on this message board will stop obsessing over a band (zepp) that has been gone for decades?  Stop living in the past...UGH

Comments: You guys Kicked ass at Mexicali last nite for sure! Thanks for that and please fire the guy working the soundboard. He's a clueless buzzkill

Comments: Best Band that comes to Philly

Comments: birthday kudo's to you Rob :)

Comments: Happy Birthday Rob!!!


Comments: PLAY AT BBKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At BB's 8/21 ~ At The Mercury Lounge 5/23

Comments: The best set list yet @ The Bayou. You all never seace to amaze us. It it truly uncanny that you all do it better then Zeppelin. One can never be a beliver untill they have seen the mighty Black Dog live. Keep on rockin and lets sell out The Mercury Lounge for two shows May 23rd.

Comments: FANTASTIC show at the Bayou last night!  It never fails that something always goes "awry" setting up there but you always put on an amazing performance despite all the obstacles setting up! Hope you don't keep us waiting too long for our "Led Zep Fix!"

Comments: When are we going to see bd at BB kings's again? I'm getting anxious! We're at BB King's on August 21st. We will be doing a 2 hour show at The Mercury Lounge in NYC on May 23rd.

Comments: March 28 Crossroads request:  Rain Song or Thank You? (for my fiancee) Then raise the roof with Ramble On?  It's always a blast to catch you guys!  Awesome!!!

Comments: You guys ROCK! Plain and simple no other wway to say it!  Big boulder was simply AWESOME!   See at the next show... Love, The girl with long blonde wavy hair....

Comments: To my Fellow black dog band mates, awsome performance at big boulder, had a great time, even if my amp blew apart! Tito, Mike T. and Frank B,thanks fella's I know them stairs were a bitch and a half! To the fans, thanks for rockin with us, and to the Malave family, we had an awsome time with you guys, snow tubing was outrageous!

Comments: When are we going to see bd at BB kings's again? I'm getting anxious! August 21st.

Comments: cant wait for the ski lodge show, coming out with a few old friends for a rockin time. By the way would love to hear custard pie, that's one of my fav.s, or anything off of physical graffiti. thank you, and see you next week.

Comments: i would love to hear "The Crunge?" How bout it boyz?

Comments: jake, just wanted to personally post my thanks to you for securing our freedom. all the best! singer rob

Comments: yum, yum, yum??? suzy...whats up with that!

Comments: Can't wait for the 28th at big boulder , if anyone has never seen them there, this show is a must! they are always outstanding at that place.

Comments: still waiting for our beloved blackdog to return,  the Philly girls miss you guys. Happy Valentines day Frank, you make our hearts B E A T, YUM YUM YUM. we took a vote n its official YUM YUM YUM

Comments: I one of those people that just figured you would suck, but I got to tell you , you guys a bunch of real good musicians. Caught your show at the crossroads in NJ , and was very impressed. Closest I've heard to the real zep , nice work boys.  Arnie (Mr. Peanut in disguise)

Comments: New York City is jonesing for The greatest zep show ever BD , the big apple needs the big Rob to make his appearance. Thank you and god bless

Comments: Hey Frank how about Bonzo's montreaux, that would be crazy! You rock our world...

Comments: you guys are all incredible performers and should be touring the world, miss the dog, stacey

Comments: I've heard from people & I've seen the videos. You guys gotta come back to play in Philly sometime. Hope to see ya soon. ROCK ON.

Comments: Celebrating my birthday is dictated by Black Dog scheduling your next gig at The Crossroads ... might I recommend March 7 ??? Can't wait to see you guys again!!! At Crossroads March 28

Comments: if there was ever a time that the world needed black dog it would be now!!!!! The economy, the wars, the end of analog TV, we need black dog, we demand it!!!!!!

Comments: Yes, THANK YOU to all our military brothers and sisters.  We love you and pray for your safe return. Thanks to the band for playing "Ramble On" during your first set at Crossroads. I don't know if that was in response to my request or just happened to be scheduled that way but we, the Panella's, loved it. Thank you.

Comments: Last time I saw you guys was at Crossroads about 2 years ago. I've since then deployed to Iraq. I know its a long shot, but any plans for a show overseas? Many soldiers would love to see you guys play.  Also, you gave a Black Dog shirt to my father at one of your shows.  I'll send a pic of me wearing it in this lovely country soon. When you get back to the states we'll do a show in your honor - Thank YOU! JAKE IN IRAQ

Comments: You guys were great Saturday, nice balanced sound and your performance was great - looking foward to seeing you again, Nick from Law and Disorder

Comments: PA misses black dog, come back soon

Comments: i iz yore idol nise vintage bass by  fender, two..

Comments: For a real Zep experience it has to be Black Dog no other band can be compare.

Comments: Hi Black Dog,I was checking the BB Kings site to see when you guys are performing.Why is Black Dog not part of the Zep Fest1,2 or 3.You guys are AWSOME,I hope BB's don't give you the Boot or decide to replace Black Dog.You guys rock and kick ass.Lisa  Click here for the answer

Comments: i love you boys!you rock zep like no other and u rock my world 2! love inge binge

Comments: I have seen the Band with Cary on keyboards.I love the Hard style sound of Zeppelin.So Sorry I can do with out the keyboards.

Comments: Hello,I was at the show Saturday night.I got to be honest guys.It just did not do it for me.I have seen you play and sound better.Maybe it was me.I left after 1st set.- Steve O

Comments: Saw you 1/24 at Crossroads for the umteenth time. Great as usual. High energy run to start the second set was a good move. Hooked people in after their post intermission malaise. Tempted fate by bringing the wife for the first time. Figured she'd be good for half a set to amuse me and then boogie. She stayed for all of both sets and asked me to make sure I include her for your shows from now on. Thanks a lot. Next thing you know, she'll want to play golf with me....One drawback which is not your issue. Crossroads needs to control reservations better. It was a battle getting seated.

Comments: As always you guys ROCKED at XXRoads!!! When are you coming back???  Too Long Gone! That girl band that opened for you was great.

Comments: Been going to the Crossroads to check yaw'll out for years, but man that place needs to blow out those damn tables so we can actually see the performance beyond all those damn pillars around the bar

Comments: Hey yo i saw you guys at the crossroads couple days ago. You guys were awsome! btw nice drum solo!

Comments: Any word on another show at Tom & Jerry's? Please make me happy! -ZepHeather

Comments: I saw you at Crossroads last night.  Your opening act "The Moodswings" were great.  I'd love to see both acts again.

Comments: when are u guys coming back to bbs theyre gonna be some other tribute band there doing 1 and 2 i thought hell no black dogs are my boys      pedro from the bronx

Comments: get up to boston! check out the middle east or paradise rock club! -mohammed

Comments: Though their course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea...

Comments: isn't the drummer in that Rush tribute band? jacob's ladder or something like that? Yes, Frank Sellick, is also in Jacob's Ladder.

Comments: Thanks for coming out and playing for us on New Years.  You guys were killer and Blck Dog made the party. Matt

Comments: Happy New Year to you! Will you be coming back to BB's soon? We had an awesome time last November!  Vicky & Vicky Jr.

Comments: Merry Christrmas and Happy New Year To you and your families!  Graziella

Comments: hey in the photo of the week, is that JJ Jackson of mtv fame in the front row?  And Merry Christmas all. Dan

Comments: To Rob, Dan, Jeff, Frank & Cary   Merry Christmas and A Happy Rockin New Year to you and your families.   Ray G. Same to you Ray!

Comments: Will you guys ever play in Harrisburg area? Maybe - email us some venues in the area:

Comments: First time at the Bayou with the band. Thanks for all the kind words! You guys are the best!-drummer Frank

Comments: Rob I enjoyed your show at BB Kings.  I was surprised to find out that it was you. We must talk! Rebecca

Comments: BB Kings was awesome a few weeks back! Great encore-glad you guys stayed out for an a couple extra! Got stuck in the back at first, then squeezed down to the front-awesome!

Comments: What a great show @ The Bayou! The best yet.  Frank is the best drummer we have ever seen.

Comments: It was a long wait but having the Dog back at the Bayou was Great. As always the show was awesome even with Rob having to deal with a nose goblin you never missed a note you truly rocked, can¬'t wait for the next show.

Comments: Frank, I saw Zep in London last December, and all I have to say is, Jason, nice job, but...

Comments: thanks for a great show at bb's last week. what a great set of real musicians.  rock on!

Comments: Saw you at the Crossroads 2 weeks ago. Totally lost it and embarrassed myself. Had to keep one hand on my beer bottle and the other in my pocket so as not to be tempted to play air guitar. You guys rock.--Stacey

Comments: Hi Guys - Caught the (early) show at BB Kings last weekend.  It was a blast.  I am old enough to remember Led ZSep when they were in their heyday and though I never got the chance to see them (I did see R Plant open for the Who a few years back and had tiks for the Page/Plant show with the Black Crowsz that was cancelled last year), always been my favorite band.  Keep the music alive - you guys do kick ass. Bart


Comments: i was at the bb king show. unbelievable. I stood right under you guys and every song you guys did blew me away. It's hard for me to be a zeppelin fan cuz im too young to have ever seen the band, but watchin you guys was worth it. thank you. (by the way, i requested night flight, i'm guessing you guys kick ass on that song too.)

Comments: Saw you at BB Kings last Sat night.  Worth the flight from the UK alone.  When are you coming to England!?   Dean & Nige

Comments: Hi guys, seen you at BB Kings after doing a search on the net before leaving the UK.  Me and my neices had a great nite and will tell all our UK chums to look you up on any trips they have planned. Thanks Gordy

Comments: hey guys, as always you all rocked! had fun hangin with the girls:) and rob, that wasn't me who asked for The Crunge...surprising enough?!and Frank, youre the best ;P

Comments: Black Dog..Thanks for the great music.I had an Awesome 28th birthday on Saturday...

Comments: two words: yum, yum.

Comments: As usual, another Awesome performance last night at BB King's Your all great musicians that nailed it song after song, it just keeps getting better. Truly one of the most talented groups I've ever heard. Lizzy was an excellent addition. I have never seen BBs so full, it was packed. and everyone loved it. See Ya at the Bayou on the 29th

Comments: Black Dog is un-fu**ing real. Front row at BBK's, you guys really brought the heat.  Much love, and Thank you for being the best!! Special shout to Frank.  Frank- i lalalalloveddd you on the set, couldn't keep my eyes off  =)
-Juli from NJ

Comments: Your set needs marshall amps & speakers from floor to ceiling. That said good show at bb's

Comments: I need to say thank you for lastnight at BB's, soo sick. I never miss a show NY or Greenwich CT.

Comments: okay, as for me loving led zeppelin, im sure me and many other fans never soak in the actual talent of the bassist in led zep. after seeing you guys in bb kings last night, i finally realized how good the bassist is for the band. the whole band was good in general, but the bassist was excellent. ill be seeing you guys again!

Comments: Song request for the greatest Led Zepp band out there: next time at BB Kings, I'd love to hear The Crunge.  You cant go wrong with any song. Requests

Comments: I get so excited when I see that you have an upcoming performance at B Kings.  I saw you last night and it was good as always.  I hope to hear Night Flight or Black Country Woman in the future.  They're two of my favorites and very underrated.  Keep up the great work!!!

Comments: Please note: Don't bother going to see Led Zeppelin on tour next year; Black Dog blows them away, they do LZ better than LZ! Ah, and No Quarter, well, that was a masterpiece at BBs!!!!!


Comments: The Rolling Stones no longer hold the title of "The worlds greatest rock and roll band", IT BELONGS TO BLACK DOG NOW!

Comments: I was supposed to have surgery this week but pushed it up a week just so I can see Black Dog play.  No joke.  They are the best band out there and my highlights of the year.

Comments: You guys gave me multiple eargasms last night at BB's!  Lordy!  I posted a pic on your MySpace.  I also have a mini video of you guys rocking out to Trampled Underfoot.

Comments: Saw you at BB Kings.  Each performance is better than the last.  I hope you guys keep making frequent appearances for many decades!!

Comments: I saw you guys last night at B. B. King's.  It was my second time seeing you guys, the first time being, ironically, the last time you were at B. B. King's.  The first time was awesome.  Last night was even better.  Everything was incredible, from the first two hours, to the near twenty or so minutes of encore.  Keep coming back to B. B. King's.  I look forward to seeing you guys again.


Comments: BB Kings Sat night Wow!

Comments: Awesome show at Crossroads on Nov. 15th!  If anyone knows the play list for the night, send it to so I can tempt my friends to go to BB Kings next! Curtis Here it is: Crossroads Set

Comments: You guys have to add We're Gonna Groove to your set!! We do it - check out our Songlist 

Comments: Coming to BB's on Saturday night, what time will you go on? also on Whole Lotta love, do you play the "Elvis" version with "that's all right with Mama" and Mineesota Blues?  Awesome version from the BBC sets. 8:00 - tickets available at ticketmaster - we do the TSRTS version.


Comments: It was great to see you guys on Saturday.  You sounded better than ever.  Rob, thanks for the t-shirt for Jake in Iraq. kk

Comments: Guys,another slammin' show.I just want to thank you guys for letting me share the stage with you at Crossroads. I look forward to all future gigs with BLACK DOG. Thanks to Tito for helping us set up, tear down, and all he does.Thanks to Dan's family, and to Lizzy and Sue for what they do for the band. And again thanks for the band for doing what they do so well, and allowing me to join in on the fun! Carykeyz

First time seeing you guys perform & really enjoyed your entertainment >> Very powerful & exciting..Not only that, talking to directly and realizing that all you guys are very real & down to earth makes it that much better.. I wish you all the best in such great talent..  Will definitely see you guys again & God bless.

Comments: To my fellow dogs, great show last nite. Rain song, kashmir, in the light and all of my love were ZEP-O-LICOUS. Sue-thanx-luv ya.  Jefferson, happy birthday (could you read that? I SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) Hey family thanx for comin' out , I'm very fortunate to have you guys in my life. And last but never, ever least all of the BD fans , Thank you-a million times over. You are truly the best fans EVER!...Dan Dan The "Antenna" Man Thank You Dan

Finally got to see you last night (wait a minute, it was just a couple of hours ago! How much did I drink?!) at Crossroads in Garwood. Freakin' amaaaaazing show. Unbelievable. You've got a new fan here for sure.

Guys I just saw you at Sundance on Long Island November 7th 2008. You guys were great. You sounded just o exactly) like Led Zeppelin. Great sets guys. Thanks for a great night at Sundance in Rocky Point, NY Long Island. Keep Rocking guys forever.

Comments: Hey guys bring Cary to the Crossroads! In The Light, Kashmir, No Quarter, he rocked at BB KINGS in August~Paul Cary will be there.

Comments: Can you guys play Hog Dog? Thanks~ Paul Go to the Request Page 

Comments: Hay, I here Jimmy Page & Johh paul Jones aer looking for a new front man for Zeppelin You better keep Rob hidden...

Comments: Can you guys do more songs off of In Through The Out Door? All of My Love,Carouselambra, Fool In The Rain, they would rock!~ JK

Comments: Hey I'm just wondering when you guys are back at BB KINGS, will Cary keyboard player be with you? He rocked! Yes.

Comments: Please Please come to the Boston area!!!

Comments: I can't decide which show to see BB Kings or the Bayou. I'll just have to go see both it's that DAMN GOOD!!!

Comments: You have kept me from the gallows by booking NEW YORK! Can't wait for the dog. Thanks, guys!!!!

Comments: Can the opening band JUST play one short song, then? Zepheather misses you guys!!!

Comments: Is the November 1st show JUST you guys?? Lord, I hope so! There may be an opening band, but Black Dog will be playing a much longer set.

Comments: If we don't see you in New York soon we may just go the the gallows! PLease book BBs or Bayou as soon as you can! Thanks from HD

Comments: miss the dog, hope to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee u soon!

Comments: When are you coming back to the New York area? Soon - we'll post it

Comments: Great show in Phoenixville Pa grew up on zeppelin and i felt like i was in a warp zone between 1969 and 1975 awesome show hope to see you guys again soon

Comments: Great show in Phoenixville - thanks so much!

Comments: Jaw-dropping performance in Phoenixville.  Look forward to a Philly area show soon!!

Comments: Great show in Phoenixville. Wish we would've known that you were the IT band of the night when we were sitting next to you at dinner at Molly's!! Glad to know Frank the drummer made it on time. haha

Comments: Great show in Phoenixville this weekend!

Comments: BB Kings. What a great show spot on.Talk about great sound.Good room tight tight band wow.  Tim N.S.

Comments: Yo Black Dog-Councilman Speck here from Phoenixville. What a great show for Marine day! You guys were all that-wish we could have heard more.I told Barry that you are the best i've seen and also asked him to make Marine Day an annual event.Please let me know when you are in the area and if I can be of any help to the DOG I'm there/here.Semper Fi Mike Speck Phoenixville Borough Concilman

Comments: Loved your concert in Phoenixville, PA!!!  Please come back soon! Carla, Phoenixville, PA

Comments: You guys were absolutley brilliant last Friday night at BB Kings.  Sugar House Mike

Comments: Cary! Awesome stuff! Your playing is right in the pocket on both Trampled and No Quarter. Nice solos! The band sounds awesome. No Quarter sounds freakin' better than the original!!! The singer is spot-on! Well done, man!! All the best, Jon

Comments: BB'S SHOW LEFT ME WITH THE VERY DISTINCT FEELING THAT BLACK DOG HAS TRULY COME OF AGE! This group is REMARKABLE! Cary Fields and Frank are invaluable additions to the already MEGA-TALENTED Jeff, Rob, and Dan. Rock and roll! Please book the Bayou immediately (and BBs too)! NY loves Black Dog!

Comments: Saw you Friday at BB Kings and it was unreal.  I've never seen a performance like this one in which ever single song played was better than the last.  Usually at concerts, 50-70% of the songs are good, while the others are random ones no one has heard of.  But this is different.  This was every single song being one of the great moments of my life.  I truly hope you come back to play here again soon.

Comments: Your band is what music is all about.  You should go on tour and open for a more well-known band.  This way, as soon as more people hear Black Dog, they'll want you to do your own national tour and you can really fill even larger venues.   If all of NYC knew of your band. you could easily fill MSG.  Please keep up the good work -- dont even think about stopping!


Comments: Life gets more and more exciting as you grow older....until puberty.  Then, after that huge new learning experience, there is little left in life that is equally exciting and most of it is downhill as your get older and reality hits and your realize that 'this is it...there are no more big learnings in life left.'  That is, until you see Black Dog play.  It is truly the next best thing to puberty as it gives a new rush of excitment to life.  Just as I used to hope different girls in HS would date me, I know can hope that Black Dog will play more often on different months in NYC.  You're the best thing left in life.  Unreal talent -- keep bringing happiness to all of your fans out there.

Comments: This was my 5th time seeing you at BB Kings.  You should play there every month as it's the best show.  It was seriously the best night of the year for me (excluding my wedding, of course).

Comments: You guys were amazing last night! Awesome show, awesome set! I hope to see you come around again soon. And play The Bayou again soon too! Thank you!

Comments: This is my first time to see a Led-Zepp tribute concert. It was amazing! You guys are awesome. My compliments to the lead singer and drummer. Moby Dick was insane. Great job guys. Hope to see you soon!-Kevin

Comments: diggin the keyboard at bb kings last dog is sexy

Comments: last nights show at bb's was AMAZING! best black dog show i've seen and it was the perfect way to end my summer and head off to college. come do a show in boston! -mohammed

Comments: my second time seeing you guys at BB KINGS last nite - when can we do it again? Any idea when the next BB KING date might be????  It was a great set -

Comments: i was at the bb king show in the front and you guys rocckkeedd!!!!

Comments: Black Dog at BB King's Friday night. let me say this HOLY SHIT what a show. Are you guy's clones? Led Zeppelin couldn't do it any better. Frank and Cary are Great additions to an already awesome band. YOU GUY'S ROCK. Ray G.

Comments: Hearing you at BB Kings tonight was definately the highlight of my summer!! Thank you for just existing and playing Zeppelin sooo well, you made it possible for my boyfriend and I to finally hear their music live since we're way too young to have ever seen them live. Can't wait to see you guys again someday! ~ Kat

Comments: We just got back from your show tonite in BB king club in Nyc you were AMAZING, FULL of zeppelin energy, professional, very very good musicians...we came all over from Croatia to enjoy zeppelin music ...All the best..see you next time Vendi  and Frane from Split Croatia

Comments: Saw you for the first time last night in NYC.  You were fantastic!  I am definitely a fan now.  Can't wait to see you again!

Comments: Really really really hoping to see you guys on the 29th @ the Molly Maguire Music thing! Can't wait to see/hear Frank in action!! -ZH

Comments: somebody tell rob malave that the dogs are comin to bb's -- and we can't wait

Comments: Please, you just MUST come to the Bayou again!

Comments: No big boulder TRIBUTE FEST this year???? Not this year...

Comments: Hey guys: Greetings from San Juan, P.R....Junior Celestino Ortiz (Radio/TV Personality) Hey Junior!

Comments: When are you coming back to the Bayou? Working on a date...

Comments: What time are you starting tonight at Dexter's? Thanks We go on at 11:30

Comments: Are you guys going to be at the tribute fest at big boulder mountain on labor day weekend? Don't think so...

Comments: saw you at the Orange Coutny Fair and you guys were absolutely amazing. couldn't have nailed that guitar better and you could not have sounded more like Robert Plant. great job :D

Comments: WOW! You guys were great at the Orange County Fair. My daughter and I sang along with every song you played. Thanks for a great time! Darlene & LeAnne

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