Thank You


led zeppelin

Thanks to you, it will be done


black dog tribute band
  First and foremost, we must thank Led Zeppelin. Had it not been for Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, Black Dog would obviously not exist. They were an inspiration long before any of us had the idea, or the nerve to form a tribute band.

  A Whole Lotta Thanks to all of our fans; All you Zeppelinites who fuel our shows with your love for the music! You are the cause and the reason. "We're gonna dance and sing a celebration"

  A very special thanks to Randy Gregg and Almost Queen for sharing their stage with us, as well as some very helpful proffessional insight.

 Thank you Michael Maietta of CEG Entertainment for taking us under your wing and getting us some of the best gigs of our career.

  Thanks to Liz Mott for her expertise in graphic design for the web site and more.

  Thanks to Cindy G. for her tenacious booking skills.

  Thanks to George Berk for the numerous live audio recordings over the years.

  Special thanks to Harvey Luckman for rounding up Zeppelin fans from all corners of New York City and being a great friend to the band! You are greatly missed.