Old News

Comments: Thanks to my new friends and fans for making me feel welcome in the Black Dog circle - I feel at home.  Drummer Frank

Comments: i want to officially say THANK YOU to all who showed at the surf club. we had a blast with everyone!!!
singer rob

Comments: I was at the Surf Club show with a few of my friends,who got totally wasted.What a great show you and Sabbra Cadabra put on.What a f-in blast I had.Thank you-Steve

Comments: Great job at the surf club Saturday night. Your new drummer is awesome. Doesn't Zeppelin sing a song about raining? Can't wait for you to sing that one!!

Comments: Hey, I sam you guys for the first time at your last B.B. King show, I have tickets for the August 22nd show and I convinced my 15 year old son to come along, he appreciates the Zep but I can't say he is hardcore like me....anyway, the price I have to pay for him going to the show at B.B. King, is that I have to go to The Motley Crew Fest the very next day at the PNC Arts Center.....I love you guys that much.....Anyway, is it possible to sell BlackDog "tank" tops for the ladies....I hate tee-shirts, why put good cleavage to guys are great and you make me really happy in a way that I thought was lost forever

Comments: frank rocked the drums at cross roads  what!

Comments: My wife and I are looking foward to your Surf club show on Saturday.It's been awhile.Where is your old drummer now,and does he still play in the Black Sabbath Band. Yes - with Sabbra Cadabra.

Comments: Hi Rob,I was at the Crossroads show last week.I had no clue Frank was the new drummer.What happened to Tom Cap??-Tom is a Great drummer.See you at Surf Club...Jerry

Comments: Frank the new drummer is great. Tore it up @ Crossroads last night. New power the band needed!

Comments: great show last night at crossroads even though there weren't that many people i still had a great time

Comments: can't wait for crossroads and/or surf club!!! its been a long time  mohammed =)

Comments: Miss you guys!!! Tell those effers at Tom & Jerry's to make up their G'damned minds! We NEED an all Black Dog show. It's impervious!!! DAMMIT!! :) Much Love! ZH

Comments: Just wondering why you are playing July 12th, when Robert Plant is in Philly? We can't go to both!! You can still make the second set if you drive fast...

Comments: When are you coming back to the Bayou? It¬'s been a long time, been a long time lonely, lonely, lonely time.

Comments: Never thought I'd hear "Achilles last stand" live, great show at Crossroads..thanks

Comments: Any word on an all Black Dog show at Tom & Jerry's?   Not yet.

Comments: Black Dog ROCKS.  Listening to Zep now Jones'n for the show 5/17 at Crossroads. Requesting Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.  Lizzie play some 12 string for us Please. Love to see Jeff play the keys on Babe I'm Gonna Leave you. Tom, Dan (bring your antenna), Rob you kick ass.

Always a pleasure! Tom & Jerry's Friday-5/2/08. I can only hope you all are able to continue to play gigs in our part of the world. Till next time, Black dog fan Philly, Pa.

Comments: Black Dog and Led Zeppelin, thank God for the music.

Comments: I see that you guys are not scheduled to be at Trump Marinas fake Fest in June. This is extremely dissapointing. You guys were amazing there last year. What happended??? Good question...

Comments: Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite band! I had the pleasure in 1977 to see them 3 out of 7 nights at MSG, my daughter's name is Jaime Paige and the other night att Dexters simply rocked! I closed my eyes at one point and went back in time 31 years. Tight! You guys hit it note for note, and Dazed and Confussed just blew me away! You guys hit it FUCKING DEAD ON! I am thinking of hitting the Crossroads show, would love to hear 10 Years Gone! Thanks for being Master Craftsmen! ~Chris

Comments: The show at Dexter¬'s on Friday night was awesome, We will see ya at the Bayou in May. Ray G.

Comments: Caught you at Dexter's, just have to say thanks! You kicked ASS!

Comments: you guys rock at dexters please come back soon

Comments: As usual, another great performance last night, makes the whole work week somehow worth while

Comments: ROB RULES! Can't wait to see the band tear it up at the Bayou this Friday!

Comments: Hello, gents, can you please do a little 1-2 minute teaser of Sabra at the Bayou, since Sabra doesn't make it to NY much (Black Dog is best, of course)! If not, maybe some slow blues improv? Thanks from The Hamburger Dude!

Comments: Great show at Tom and Jerry's! You guys were unreal... u rock.

Comments: I vote for a full nighta' Led at Tom & Jerry's!!! Anyone?...Anyone?... :-D  Glad to be a part of those nuts in the back of the room last night, it's all your fault, if ya's weren't so god damn AAAAAWESOME!!! :-D  Thanx for the GREAT nighta' music guys! Have a Happy St. Pat's ;-) Col

Comments: I took 5 friends to the Crossroads show who hadn't seen you before. 2 hardcore Zepp fans, 3 lukewarm that I knew, at the very least, would appreciate your musicianship. All called me Monday morning asking to make sure I stayed on top of the next time you're at the Crossroads so we could put together an even bigger entourage. Thanks for being so consistently entertaining.

Comments: I am so sorry I missed the show @ Crossroads. Saw Zeppelin in London and it was the greatest R&R concert ever. The next best is seeing Black Dog. Your are the very best musicians and great guys. When ever I miss a show I listen to the CD from Crossroads and close my eyes.

Comments: On fire at Crossroads! The best show I've seen you do and the crowd responded.  There were a few songs  that I have not heard them play in the six times I've seen you.  Four great musicians that nailed it song after song.

The show at big bolder March 1st was incredible. You guys get better every time I hear you. Keep it up.

Comments: Was wondering if you will be coming to chicago. A very big zeppelin fan, wanting to see and hear zeppelin tunes from a great band!!!!! Please let me know- michele No Chicago dates yet...

Comments: Can't wait for the next BB King's show!!

Comments: Feb. may suck, but this devoted fan needs to get her fix before March.  Any news yet on locale(s)? Not yet...

Comments: Feb.does suck, but Black Dog is our refuge from winter boredom and lack of good R&R shows; please rock on if you can!

Comments: What is up with the Feb. schedule? I am dying to know where you will be on the 16th! Feb. sucks!

Comments: Great show at the Bayou!  Can't wait until you are at BB Kings since that's where we want to see you next!  Thanks! S & L


Comments: August 22 2008 at 8pm BB Kings GOT MY TICKET.


Comments: Thanks for posting the link to the Sweeney's story. You guys always pack the place, so I don't know wtf they're talking about!!

Comments: go back to b.b. kings! best show ever! love malaves favorite student

Comments: Friday night at the Bayou was near perfection that was the tenth time I have seen Black Dog and it just keeps getting better. With out a doubt as close as you can get to the real thing

Comments: Black Dog rules The Bayou! Please book a Sabra show at the Bayou! THANK YOU!

Comments: Crossroads rocked ... you guys rule that place!  Do my best to never miss your show there.

Comments: Great night at Crossroads.  You kick ass from start to finish.  I'll be there every time!  Hope you like the Dog Paw stamp for the gate.  I do. Better than a sharpie X
Comments: Looking forward to  the Bayou on Friday!You just made my day!!!!!


Comments: You guys should play the Arts Factory Theater in Bayonne, NJ

Comments: Can someone get back to me?? I've inquired about Sweeneys... Why do Sabbra Cadabra play there and not Black Dog. The only difference is the singer. WTF is up with that? If I could see Black Dog every weekend, I would! Thanks! We just made another attempt to get back into Sweeney's, but the response was the same as it was a year ago. Click here for the full story.

Comments: What time will you be starting at Crossroads? Thanks 10:00

Comments: Great B.B. King review! FYI   B.B.King club holds 700 people when tables are set up and 1000 people without tables. There over 700 people there that night I beleive.

Comments: Led Zepplin is the awesomest!!!!!!He is great.

Comments: I want more!!! One set @ Tom & Jerry's was JUST NOT ENOUGH! Jeff -- one of these days I'll make it to BB KINGS! Much Love, "ZepHeather"

Comments: No better way to kick off a New Year than to see and hear you guyz :-)  AWESOME time at Tom & Jerry's last night, sounded perfect from start to finish!!!  Some things will just NEVER change will they (and that's quite alright) ;-)  Thanx for the great show, still the BEST :-D Col

Comments: no manchen son la neta ke gran banda no dejen de venir a bb king

Comments: Saw you at BB Kings before NYE and it was great.  I am a huge Zep fan and you guys do their music proud!  Thanks!

Comments: fantastic show!  sometimes tight, sometimes loose.  amazing version of Since I've Been Loving You - I didn't want it (or the show) to end!

Comments: Just wanted to say you guys Kicked Ass at BB Kings...Yo Vinnie Dee,your right..They sound just like Led Zep

Comments: I brought my three sons to see you guys last night.  They loved the show. You were all excellent.  The guitar work was unbelievable.  You have got Jimmy down pat.  I hope to see you in Mount Vernon in January.  Best wishes for a Happy New Year. MM

Comments: Last night at BB King's was the first time I saw you guys. As a rock purist, I was absolutely floored by your performance... while the entire band sounded amazing, the vocals and bass really left an imprint in my mind. Can't wait to see you guys the next time you're in the city. Keep it up!

Comments: you guys rock!!!!!!!!!! thanx for the drum stick!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Comments: Last nights show at B. B.Kings was awesome, my bro.s and i were blown away, even my old man dug the show! Keep on rocking.

Comments: Last night was the third time I saw you at BB Kings and it is truly among the best concerts I've ever been to (and I've been to many).  You truly sound like Led Zeppelin and their music is as good as it gets.  In fact, part of the key to life is sitting at a Zeppelin concert as nothing feels better.  The only other thing I coulda wished for last night was if you played Whole Lotta Love so my friends could see the theremin being used in person.  Please keep coming back often to BB Kings (if more knew about you, I think you can fill the Garden... truly one of the most talented groups I've ever heard).


Comments: I'm a 51 year old rocker who had a superb time rocking out with my 16 year old godson at BB King's. Life doesn't get much better than that.  Thanks! We'll be back.

Comments: I came to the show at BB Kings on Sunday night with some friends that have not seen you before as usual it was awesome, you guys rocked and they loved it. I was happy to see the club packed and I mean packed. I think you drew more people than Edgar Winter did there were empty seats at his show none at yours, Great Job.

Comments: best concert that I have ever been to, u guys are amazing!!! keep rockin'

Comments: I can¬'t wait to see ya at BB Kings on the 30th  the last time you played at the Bayou was great

Comments: Ok so do you guys think you will be traveling back to the Wagon Wheel anytime soon..there is a whole group of us waiting to see  you perform again..we havn't seen you since you were at the Trump Marina in June. Should have an answer for you soon...

Comments: YES! The Bayou 1.25.08! C YA THERE for a Misty Mountian Hop!

Comments: Yay! January 12th @ Tom & Jerry's!!!!!!!

Comments: when are you going to play at BB Kings Sunday, December 30th

Comments: Do you have a schedule for Jan. 2008 yet? Yes: Shows

Comments: hey rob,my sister and her friends got a pic. w/ you from Starland, i sent them to the capo e-mail. Im so upset i couldnt go, i hooked them up with VIP tix. and everything, my baby sitter backed out so i missed out. Heard they cut your set short, whats up w. that? Hey im the girl that had you wish my sis a happy b-day in the city in October and my maim request ALL the time is Ten Years Gone, that you couldnt do because lizzy wasnt there. love you guyz. Lizzy

Comments: starland was awesome last night. def the best band of the night!

Comments: i'm soo psyched for starland tonight!!!

Comments: Looking forward to tonight at the Starland, saw you guys a NJPAC w/Randy Jackson Symphonic Zep...
Any word on special guests?

Comments: Black Dog rules man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rock and roll!!!!!

Comments: Has the band ever considered playing at the Tarrytown music hall in Tarrytown N.Y.?

Comments: Hey, when do you guys go on at the Bayou this sat.? 12:00 Sharp!

Comments: What about the zepplin fans in Iowa. A little place in Des Moines would be a great venue for you guys to allow us to see you. The Val Air Ballroom has quite a historic list of past shows over the years and us zepplin lovers in central Iowa would love to come out and support a show. Do you tour outside of New York and Jersey? Deprived in Iowa!!!! There's nothing on the books for Iowa in the near future. Perhaps you'd like to visit New York?!

Comments: what time is Black Dog scheduled to perform @ Starland?  I don't want to be late. EARLY SHOWTIME! Doors open at 7:00, we're scheduled for 9:00.

Comments: What time is Black Dog scheduled to perform at Starland 11/23?  I don't want to miss your show. 9:00!

Comments: Can't wait for the Nov.24 show at The Bayou...I'M GONNA CRAWL if I have to!

Comments: when playing in bbking,sabra cadabra Go to for info

Comments: is the show at BB kings dec. 30th open to all ages? I think so. Verify by calling them: 212-997-4144

Comments: i just watched your videos...jesus christ, could your drummer hit the cymbals any more??? 

Comments: i am 9 years old and LED ZEPPELIN is my favorite band.i saw you in concert and you were terrific.BYE. LOVE MELISSA Thank you Melissa!

Comments: The world is filled with bastards...

Comments: Judging from the amazing amount of intelligence you've shown in the last comment, how can anyone doubt your opinion?! Dumbass.

Comments: saw u's did'nt think u 2 good at all
Comments: Sabbra Rocks!  Pls play as Sabbra more!!!!

Comments: saw you's at bb rock!!

Comments: I am hoping and praying that you'll be playing somewhere remotely CLOSE to the Philly area in December. I'll be 30 on 12/23 and it'd be awesome to see you guys close to my b-day! -ZepHeather

Comments: son unos fenomenos la neta son una gran banda Mucho gracias

Comments: son unos maestros su show en bb king estuvo a toda madre gracias por revivir las rolas de zeppelin

Comments: YES! November 24 at The Bayou! I cannot wait! Best damn rock show in the whole world!

Comments: The Crazy Brooklyn Crew sends a BIG SHOUT OUT!  B.B. Kings will never be the same!

Comments: Hi Black Dog, i just want to shout out thanks for the H.B.Day to my sis!!  You guys are very talented , great show @ BB Kings Fri.night. See you at Starland nov.23rd.Zep Head Liz

Comments: Always a blast! Much love - ZepHeather

I was a little skeptical at first when my friend invited me to see the show, but by the time the Theramin part started, I have to say all in all it was rather magical.  You guys rocked, good job.

Comments: are you guys going to be @ Starland on Nov. 23rd???? Yes.

Comments: Saw Balck Dog listed on the Starland benefit show with TT Quick.  I am assuming it is the Black Dog we all know and love.  Correct?  Yes, thank you.

Comments: In my opinion, Black Dog is not really a tribute band trying desperately to sound like LZ, but in fact, they are a fantasticly talented group of musicians in their own right; performing the music of the great LZ. It is always enlightening to see these guys perform! Hats off to Black Dog- to hell with Roy Harper! Best wishes, B. P.S. Thank you for the kind words and gestures at the Bayou; a class act!


Comments: this web site is rubbish.

Comments: Im attending the show @ BB KINGS oct.5,with my older sister, can you please say a happy b-day to Mary from Liz, im taking her to see you guys, im her younger sister and its her and my four older brothers who played Zep, and it was then at age 9 that i was drawn to the sounds and lyrics of Led Zeppelin. Been a die hard fan since. Cant wait for the show this friday night!!!Hope you can squeeze in the H.B. Day request. Thank again for doing teh music of Led Zeppelin great justice!!!



Comments: You guys were so friggin amazing at the Bayou last night!!  Come back soon!!!!!!!!

Comments: 9/15 @ Crossroads was the third time seeing Black Dog and the best yet.  You guys Kick A$$. Great set.  Un believable to have a show so good so close to home.

Comments: saw your show at the Crossroads, you guys are great musicians, the singer sounds just like Plant, Amazing, unbelievable, you blew me away

Comments: Always an awesome time at Crossroads (well, ANYwhere you play..) guys and gal (pat on the back for Lizzy as well, lol)!  Rest them pipes for my song next time Rob ;-)  Thanx for the tat compliment, had it a few months and so far the odds are much more in favor of "What IS that???" :-D  Thanx again BD, til next time :-) Col

Comments: If the London show kicks ass and they get enough positive press I think they might come to the US

Comments: Led Zeppelin is coming back for 1 night in London November 26, 2007. Does anyone out there think theres a chance they will come to the states?

Comments: Your show at Big Boulder was Great! The outdoor stage made it very Woodstocky!  Sorry Dan wasn't there, but the chick Rocked! Ronnie & Joe Saylorsburg PA

Comments: the show at big boulder kicked ass ... how do you send the pictures from the concert ?
love your fav three {Please email them to - Thanks!}

Thanks for a great show at Big Boulder's TributeFest this past Saturday. Although you had your collective hands filled with the Lizzy's thirteententh hour fill in for Dan, the Dog didn't disappoint anyone.

Comments: Great show at big boulder, however, you should let us know if Dan is not going to be playing a gig. Big letdown, even though the substitute did a competent job.

Comments: Awesome show at big boulder. We had a great time.

Comments: Wheres the group photo you took of the crowd at big boulder? Ya you rocked. Chris {Didn't receive it yet...}

Comments: Did you guyz ever meet led Zeppelin in person? Lizzy {No}

Comments: Nice Job Sat. at BB's!! Kind of a short set, but It's cool to see you guys looking like you're having some fun up there. Great Chemistry!! -See ya in Blakeslee...-Johnny P from Queens.

Comments: hey guyz, do i need to purchase a ticket for your appearance @ Crossroads??? {No, but if you want a table you have to make a reservation}

Comments: i love Led Zeppelin,lizzy

Comments: What time is the show at Big Boulder on September 1? {Black Dog will be on at 8:00, the Tribute Fest starts at noon}

Comments: The Saturday show was by far the best show there yet. The sound was great. The Rover rocked the house!

Comments: I was at teh show at BB KIngs Sat. you guys are amazing. Im 39 and never gotr a chance to experience teh Greatest rock band in teh world before the master John Bonham passed, but ill tell you what i ha dthe best time listening to Black Dog do the justice, in there music and vocals. Led Zepplin fan 4 ever. Lizzy

Comments: A really great show!!!We saw you a BB King!!Awesome!(French guys)

Comments: We came all the way from Saylorsburg PA to see you guys last night at BB Kings.  We sat in 3 hours of traffic... and, as always,  it was worth every minute!  You Guys Rocked!  See you in Big Boulder in September! Joe & Ronnie

Comments: You guys rocked @ BB Kings Last night!   But why such a short show?  You should have played much longer.

Comments: amazing show guys. bb kings was great.. love Sandro

Comments: Saw you a BB Kings last night. You guys were great.

Comments: Great show!  You made me a groupie......


Comments: whats going on with sabbra no shows {Go to for info.}
Comments: Can't wait to see you you play. Flying in from Boston for the aug. 17th show.

Comments: Comming around Dayton Ohio at all, or in the future? {Not in the immediate future...}

Comments: BIG BOULDER & THE POCONOS WANTS YOU BACK BIG TIME {We will be there September 1st!}

Comments: Black Dog fucking rocks! What an amazing group of musicians! Hot Dog!

Comments: We will be at both shows at BB Kings! Totally psyched!Totally!

Comments: happy 4th dudes! -sandro

Comments: When will you playing in NYC? {August 17 & 18 at B.B. Kings.}

Comments: Thanks for a great show guys! From Dan's cousin Danny!

Comments: u guys rock at trump marina

Comments: the trump marina show was amazing. By far, the best led zep band i have ever seen

Comments: Saw your show at the Marina last night...Thanks for an a "Great" show

Comments: ROCK the DOCK!!!!!

Comments: Hope to get to Trump Marina Sunday.  Anyone know if all ages may enjoy? {I believe all ages are welcome!}

Comments: Guys,please do another show in NEW YORK!! Talent like this is too few and far between. Rob, love the in-mic effects on Bring it on home!

Comments: Oh sorry guys, forgot to say GREAT JOB and THANKS A MILLION for doin' That's The Way!!!!!!  RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!!  My favorite Not-Quite-Can-Rock-Out-To tune

Comments: Going to California never sounded so good!  Thanks for the great show and keeping us entertained at the Wagon Wheel... XOXO Jacque & Becca
Comments: Does saying GREAT SHOW ever get too old to hear? Hope not :-D  Thanx for the AWESOME time at the Wagon Wheel, everything sounded well, awesome :-D  Jeff hopefully you're told by EVERYONE within ear shot how incredible your contribution is to The Lemon Song!!!!!! (and all the others as well, lol, just that one REALLY stands out).  Have a wonderful week everyone! Summer's here, yay :-D  Colleen

Comments: Please book another New York show very, very, soon! We are in Black Dog withdrawal! Maybe the Bayou???? Thanks!!!

Comments: Woo Hoo! I see The Wagon Wheel for June 2nd. Hope to be there! Danny -- your comment was so sweet!!!

Comments: Loved that Heaven & Hell @ The Bayou!

Comments: Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

Comments: Hey GUys!  I want to see you in AC.  WHat time is your gig at Trump Marina? {First set should be mid/late afternoon.}

Comments: first off, you guys are awesome!!!my husband and two of my three sons and i have come to four of your shows at bbkings nyc.its a little surreal as a mom sitting with your kids and rockin to music together. led is classic and you guys do them justice. i was wondering if you would even consider doing a private party? my 17 yr old's graduation party . that would be the most awesome time ever. a friend from staten island came to the shows with us and we are kicking all our $$$$ in to a blackdog invite fund  think about it.  lots of food, lots of drink and grandma's world famous would make for the best graduation party ever plus we have 2 black dogs....come on think about it...jersey and you..perfect together....june 23....think on it .. {We do parties - email with your contact info.}

Comments: thanks for coming to waldwick. you guys were amazing!

Comments: Thanx for a GREAT GREAT GREAT night of music as usual :-)  And for opening up with THEEEEE BEST song ever (well tied for first for me but since Lizzy wasn't there, lol...) :-)  Have a great week guys, til next time!!! Col

Comments: hey I never go on this friggin thing {computer} but since im here {for a moment} let me say thanx to all the zep heads for coming out and , well, just having a good time. And thanx to all of my band mates and maidens(lizzy), when its good, its good. you all make it a pleasure, time and time again.  danny

Comments: I was in a zep tribute called black dog 20 years ago!!!!!! danny (guitar player for this black dog}

Comments: Did you know that there was a Zep tribute, by the same name, 20 years ago? {There are still other bands using the name around the country.}

Comments: Your show at the Bayou 4.1 was astonishing! An absolutely perfect set list to boot. It's great to sit up front and hear the bass and guitar through the amps,not the PA system. One of the best rock shows I have ever seen period!!!

Comments: Thoroughly enjoyed you guys at Dexter's last night. You were great. Rob, you can't get any better. Long time no see. You kicked "a**" -the Fishers

Comments: All I can say is WOW! I saw you guys  for the first time last night at Dexter's . I never expected to  hear someone sing better than Robert Plant, but I did. Just plain Awesome!!!!

Comments: "ZepHeather" here.. Thank goodness you guys have 2 PA shows coming up! I'll head back up to the Wagonwheel, even if it means I get lost again! LOL Miss you guys terribly. Hope you all are doing well.


Comments: Hi guys!  It's Colleen, don't have a MySpace anymore so I'll babble here from now on :-D  It'd been a while but some things NEVER change...amazing sounds last night at Crossroads :-D  Rob, thanx SO much for stickin' to Night Flight...hope the throat's doin' better ;-)  Lizzy thanx for being there, you help make some of the greats sound well, great, lol :-D  Have a wonderful week everyone!

Saw you guys last Sat at Boulder man what a great show...and what a nice change to NOT hear Stairway LOL. Cant wait to catch you again

Comments: Truely AMAZING..Rob Great Stage Presence...Awesome band, dont miss em!

Comments: Saw you fuys at Big Boulder. You fucking rock!!!!!!!!!!

Comments: Very nicely put about Sweeney's and people familiar w/ friends bands playing there will agree.  Others without all the facts may not.  I'm both, a fan of your's and understand even if I wasn't!  My best friend's husband is in a 70's rock artist cover band from south Jersey and they had stopped playing at Sweeney's about 2 years ago for almost the EXACT same explanation you left us all here!  You 4 deserve it,  are THEEEEE best tribute in the tri-state area, if not further, lol and there are other venues out there who know that and the Song (will) Remain(s) the same elsewhere, lol..keep it up :-)

Comments: Hey, what's up with Sweeney's?  I'm John Paul Jonesing over here!  {Good Question! Click Here for details.}

Comments: when are you coming to Monmouth County? Barbara {f you know of a venue, email me:}


Comments: Hey great job at the PAC. I think you guys turned a lot of heads. First time i saw lizzy play with the band excellent touch.Hey i seen you guys a couple times now you guys ever play achilles last stand i notice its on your songlist. it must be a bastard to play live. thanks

Comments: The NJPAC show was awsome! You guys rock!

Comments: Ranny Jackson & The NJ Synphony ain't got nothing on you guys.You were the show!

Comments: jeff, vegas checking in, i may be home memorial day weekend if all goes well. hoping you are playing near home. hope it's the crossroads may 25th  make it happen!! {The May date at Crossroads is the 19th.}

Comments: skip acoustic night. how about open mic night at MRHS malave??

Comments: Acustic Night at MRHS ?????

Comments: hey i have pictures from the bbkings show. who should i email them to? {Send them to  Thanks! }

Comments: Another great show @ The Bayou. We need more shows in NYC!!!!!!!

Comments: smycqiowg jxmdvza grkm robvslfn lcibe hpyzt evbpa

Comments: save the presence for last!

Comments: Crossroads guys .. amazing

Comments: Do you guys have the song list that you used at crossroads the other night? Yes, Click Here

Comments: Crossroads ROCKED!!!

Comments: Do you guys ever play Lupos in Providence RI?   Not yet.

Comments: where are the pics from bbkings that people sent you?  I don't know.

Comments: cuando vienen para puerto rico?  Yo no se.

Comments: what dancing skills?

Comments: Whats up Rob. I wonder if your badmates know about your nack for dancing......just wondering.

Comments: I saw you guys at BB Kings not too long ago. you were fuckn awesome. I can't wait til you guys come around again! take care xoxo Jordana

Comments: PLEASE come back to Tom and Jerry's SOON!!! Love ya!!!    dotti

Comments: What a way to start the first weekend of December!  12/2 at BB Kings--ORGASMIC baby!!!  To say that I loved you guys is an understatement!  When are you guys coming back to BB Kings???  - 9 Ball Girl

Comments: do you guys have any pictures from b.b kings on 12/2? {A few - Check out Zeppelinites & VIDEO}

Comments: Hey guys...I was at BB Kings this past weekend and you rocked!  Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Comments: I was at BB Kings on 12/2 and you guys ROCKED!  Come back to NYC soon!

Comments: BB Kings 12/2/06, unbelievable,come back to the Bayou soon.
  Tinkerbell (with the red Santa's Hat) : )

Comments: last night was amazinggg! even though we missed the last train home. great job!

Comments: I just want to say I never thought anybody was capable of pulling off a voice of Robert Plant and the remarkable talent that is Led Zeppelin. I saw you guys last night in BB Kings, and you were all absolutely amazing! You did an awesome job and I give you all a lot of respect. Not only for your gift to play music, but for appreciating what real music is. hope to see you again. keep rockin the way you do... love melissa

Comments: caught the show @ BB kings in NYC. u guys rocked. i was the dude walking around w/ the outrageously hot blond chick. would like to possibly hire you guys for a summer show/house party? {email}

Comments: Mr. MAn!!! i love u!! this is ur number 1 student in prd.2 English u r a god and i better get extra credit for my lack of correct english and my praise on ur body! -OlLeNa OrDnAs

Comments: I've seen/heard many Zep tribute bands but you guys are by far the best. KUDOS!

Comments: You guys wre great last night @ Crossroads.The second set was killer!

Comments: Can't wait until December 8th. Not that close to my b-day, but close enough ;)

Comments: Club Lavela says you are coming Nov 4th please tell this is true i have alot of people wanting to see ya  {We will not be there}

Comments: Do you know of another band using your name Black Dog? {Yes. There are a few of them around the country. We are based in the NYC area}

Comments: my wife are looking forward to seeing you at sweeneys on dec8.we may bring a friend this time.

Comments: Are you playing Club La Vela, Panama City Beach, FL on 4 NOV 06? {No}

Comments: any chance of a cancellation tonight for the halloween party? {If there is a cancellation, it will be posted on the site}

Comments: you guys kick ass.. totally rocked the wagon wheel again


Comments: Nov 11 is Saturday {thanks!}

Comments: Awww.. Capo has a secret admirer.

Comments: can't wait until you guy's play @ pulaski park it's going to rock

black dog


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