Rob Malave


 Lead Vocals, Harmonica

  Rob began singing in the mid eighties and found himself drawn to the greatest rock vocalists of our time. Robert Plant, Ian Gillian, and Freddy Mercury head a list of favorites that also includes Paul Rogers, Chris Robinson, and Jeff Buckley. In the ninety's, Rob was singing for the original band called Plan B. Blessed with the rare ability to sing with the range and timbre of Robert Plant, Rob soon found himself singing Led Zeppelin songs in various line-ups of the tribute band Four Sticks. Eventually evolving into Black Dog, he superbly fills his role as the band’s front man. Rob also does studio session work.

 Gear: Lungs, Shure SM58 Beta Microphone, Lee Oskar Harmonicas.

 E-mail Rob: RJMalave9@gmail.com



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