Sweeny's has decided not to book BLACK DOG this year.

  BLACK DOG has played at Sweeny's for at least five years now, and has never received a raise of any kind, in spite of our rising costs (fuel alone is enough!). I cannot disclose dollar amounts, but I can tell you that it is our lowest paying venue. When we asked for more money this year, (very little) we were told that we have not increased our draw, and should therefore not be rewarded. 

  The band members are spread out all over the state of New Jersey, and when you factor in fuel, roadies, and time, it's just not worth it. 

  Perhaps it is not in Sweeny's best interest to continue hiring the band either - If they really aren't making money when we play there (only they know) then it makes sense. Business is business. We must extend our thanks to the owners of Sweeny's for the many good years that we had in their establishment.

  We deeply regret losing what had been a steady gig for many years, but we have reached an impass. If you know of a good venue in the area, we'd love to bring the Zeppelin your way and see you all again!

  Contact Jeff at: plunker@optonline.net or Tom at: Capo64@aol.com 

  We can't thank you enough for coming to see us for all these years - we hope to see you again soon!