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Jeff Mott is offering private lessons in
Northern New Jersey.

Beginners welcome! If you want to be a working musician, learn to play the bass. Bass players are always in demand!

Improve your playing! If you’re already playing bass but want to raise your skill level, kick it up a notch. Delve deeper into music theory and expand your knowledge and ability.

Master your instrument! If you’re looking to get into a band, go to your next audition knowing your parts inside and out and be able to improvise with confidence. Learn how to apply scales to help you play better and learn songs faster.

Learn from a professional working bassist, not a guitar teacher! True understanding of the role of the bass requires a specific musical approach.

or email Jeff for details:

My teaching method involves working on songs that you want to learn, covering the style and technique required to play each piece. Then we look at the scales and theory that were applied so you can see how they came up with the bass lines. This will help you understand how to improvise, learn songs yourself, and write your own parts. I write my own tablature with time signatures so you can play the songs without having to know where the notes fall beforehand.

Jeff is also available for session/recording projects.